Content Writing is a terminology used for words and ideas used to promote a person, product, business, opinion, idea or an ideology; while in business terms it is widely used for words and ideas that people use to promote and market their products, services and businesses; while Theme Building is the technique used to present these words and ideas with artistic excellence. This type of writing is different from news writing or book writing, because it is subjective and persuasive in nature. When an advertising copy is written, it is written with the intention of capturing interest, appealing to human emotion, and evoking a specific and intended action or reaction.

We know that a right word spoken at the right time puts greater impact on the minds of people as compared to hundreds of inappropriate words spoken out of place; but if we see in greater perspective then we observe that a written word has far greater impact on people as compared to a spoken word. In fact, written words last forever, and put a direct impact on generations to generations. Apart from that we also know that the words we use, speak and write describe our personality, character or in short the over all persona with all our positive and negative qualities. 

Similarly, if we talk in terms of business and economics then we would say that the words we use in our official correspondence or sales and marketing campaigns put direct impact on the minds of our clients, business partners, associates and potential investors; and in short classify our business among the business community and tells people about our business standing as well as the quality and elegance we possess. If we further explain this point, then we would say that the language and style we use in our official correspondence; and in our marketing & promotional campaigns significantly portray our true reflection in the market; and convey an absolute message about the quality and professionalism we base on. In fact, a combination of a few well thought words and a couple of short sentences not only define our status, but also make our company different from others among our competitors.

We can further explain this point in a way that when people visit your website or read your brochure, you aren’t there to answer their questions or to convince them about your products and services. Your words need to do that for you. We can say that Content Writing takes the place of an in-person sales pitch.

One of the cornerstones of good Content Writing is to convey benefits. Benefits are the advantages your customers receive from using your products and services; and these benefits will sell your products and services better than features do. Although successful copy combines both, but in general, the best copy for most products focuses on the benefits.


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Professional Content Writing provides the following benefits:

  • It helps your organization catch the attention of your clients, partners and associates. 
  • It helps you draw your prospect into your website content or your sales copy with a strong emotional appeal.
  • It makes your prospect feel like that as you’re talking directly to your customer. 
  • It describes the benefits of your products and services with persuasive sincerity. 
  • It convinces your prospect of your unique sales proposition. 
  • It helps you position your company as the industry expert. 
  • It helps you close the deal with less effort. 
  • It motivates the prospect to contact you right away or to send you his/her name and address for your mailing list.

Nearly every advertising agency or an in-house marketing department has a full-time copywriter or entire department of copywriters on staff. Copywriters work together with graphic artists and marketing strategists to develop what’s known as the creative platform. This refers to the combination of images and words that work to build brand recognition, establish trust and credibility with consumers, and sell products and services. But, due to certain reasons, for most of the businesses it is not possible to hire the services of professional copywriters. In that case they hire services of professional copywriters on temporary basis, or outsrouce their craetive assignments to companies providing professional Content Writing & Theme Building Services.

We provide professional Content Writing & Theme Building Services. Our professional Content Writing & Theme Building Services help you acquire talented copywriters at your fingertips without the overhead costs of full-time employees. Our team of skilled and experienced copywriters and Creative Artists can create content and theme that will showcase your products and services using our proven techniques to help you promote your business, products and services; and hence to increase sales. 

We provide Content Writing & Theme Building Services for the following areas:

  • Articles, Blogs, Features & Reports
  • Corporate Movies & TV Productions
  • Corporate Profiles, Brochures & Catalogues
  • Newsletters & Sales Letters
  • Newspapers, Magazines and Journals
  • Operational & Technical Manuals & Handbooks
  • Press Releases & Official Correspondence 
  • Product Branding Services
  • Sales, Marketing & Promotional Campaigns
  • SEO & Online Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing & Promotional Posts
  • Websites, Portals & Mobile Applications 

Our Content Writing and Theme Building Services are combined with a range of editorial and associated services including editing, prrofreading, factchecking, layout and design formatting. We also provide editing, prrofreading, factchecking, layout and design formatting services to clients for their avaialble content or for the content they develop themselves.

The content we develop will be provided in editable form with copyrights for your organization. 

Rates for Our Content Writing & Theme Building Services:

We don’t have a fixed tariff or price list for our services. Our rates vary from case to case, and from assignment to assignment depending upon the complexity of the assignment, the time involved in research and selection of associated images as well as the number of pages you want us to create. We, usually, contract for a defined scope of work. Therefore, before quoting our rates, we study each assignment and define the scope and extent of the work; and then based on that study; we calculate the rates for that particular assignment. Therefore, in order to get the quotation, kindly provide us detailed information about the nature and scope of services you require. We will study your requirement, and one of our representatives will contact you for further process.   

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