Simple tools, resources and equipments are not enough to address an organization’s needs. Apart from tools, resources and equipments, people are an integral part of an organization based on which that organization not only stands and survives, but also grows and achieves all its targets and objectives. No organization can turn its ideas and plans into a reality; nor can it make its dreams come true without dedicated people with professional background in the back end.

At Bits & Brain Concepts & Solutions; we have employed highly trained & experienced staff belonging to different genres of IT, Media & Online Marketing Sectors. People at Bits & Brain Concepts & Solutions are highly qualified and experienced, occupying staff positions in almost all developmental & technical areas of IT, Media & Online Marketing such as Theme Building & Concept Writing, Visualization, Graphic Designing & Digital Presentation, Website Designing & Development, Software & Mobile Applications Development, Multimedia Productions, Media Planning, Consultancy, Customer support as well as TV Productions. 

Administrative jobs have been filled with competent and well-qualified personnel. Beside this, experienced staff oversees each assignment before it is commissioned to the client. Superimposed quality control checks are specifically carried out for each job. These supplementary checks, coupled with our staff’s experience, further ensure the integrity, and dependability of each task. This gives us the ability to deliver practical and cost-effective solutions to all our clients.

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Our team consists of highly qualified, skilled and dedicated professionals with fresh ideas and broader intellectual horizons, who use modern tools and state-of-the-art techniques in almost all the areas of IT, Media & Online Marketing. Our team consists of the following members:

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